Creation Myths

The TV series Cosmos has gotten some flack from Christian conservatives who think their creationist ideas are being dissed. In a science show!

This article at AlterNet details the many creation myths that Cosmos is not covering. The critics complaining about the show presume that *their* creation myth is the one and only true myth. Snort.

No one wants to hear the same old snake-and-apple routine we’ve all heard a thousand times before, but Cosmos could definitely give “equal time” to a creation myth while making it entertaining and educational. Just pick one of these four, or any of the thousands of others anthropologists have gathered over the years. Not that this would placate the conservatives demanding that ancient mythology be given a spot on a science education program. After all, a segment on creation myths would only serve to show that the myth in the Bible is just one of many, and lead many viewers to conclude that there was no more an Eve eating an apple than there was a Pandora opening her box.

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