(Copied from Facebook post, 26 Dec 2014)

On Christmas Day evening the four of us — me and Yeong and his two boys — watched a charming ‘foodie’ movie from earlier in 2014, CHEF, starring writer/director Jon Favreau as a chef who loses his job at a high-end LA restaurant (owned by villain Dustin Hoffman) after a YouTubed encounter with restaurant critic Oliver Platt, and takes up a job on a food truck in Miami, making Cubanos (Cuban sandwiches), along with John Leguizamo and the chef’s son Percy (played by the adorable Emjay Anthony), until they achieve far greater success. With Scarlett Johansson and Robert Downey, Jr., in more than cameo roles, and a finale that mixes culinary issues and family values into a heartwarming (if a bit too sweet) conclusion. Recommended for anyone who enjoys seeing how chefs work.

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