Sfadb progress

On an entirely different note from the past couple posts — I am back into production on SFADB.com to add additional Citations and Anthology reprints, as has been planned for years. Most of the citation records from various sources were compiled a full 10 years ago, and have been awaiting the transition of the site from SF Awards on locusmag.com to the newer site sfadb.com, and more recently the tedious task of verifying publication data about all the titles implicated by all those sources, i.e. at a minimum the year of first publication, and whenever possible the country and publisher of first publication. I’ve ameliorated this latter task by posting citation records in phases — for half a dozen of the largest sources, only the highest ranked citations first (Clute, Barron, Gunn) deferring the lower ranked citations for later, since they entail additional work to track down publication data.

Still, I do think I will have most of the contemplated content of the site, at least a minimal set, posted by the end of this year, as promised on the sfadb.com homepage. And that will include populating the two blank menu tabs at the top.

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