Fb review of The Girl on the Train

We saw THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN today, an excellent thriller, starring Emily Blunt. It’s a mystery about a murder that Emily Blunt’s character, an alcoholic who has blackouts, fears she might have committed. It’s a complex story about several men and several women, in that New York suburb, visible from the train that Emily Blunt’s character takes every day, that takes some sorting out about who is involved with whom, for nearly half the movie. Eventually, everything comes into focus, and revelations ensue. The directing and acting is all very good to excellent (I didn’t recognize any of the other actors aside from Blunt, but they were all very good), and the eventual revelation is justified by numerous scenes about the various characters’ background — the baby in the bathtub; the dinner party. Perhaps it’s all a bit too contrived..? But if you like mystery/thriller stories about not just who-dun-it, but about what-really-happened, this is terrific.


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