LQCs: Ideology First, and Never Mind Facts

Republicans pulled a fast one for DST. And according to them, everything wrong in the world is the Democrats’ or Biden’s fault.

First, one more piece about DST.

Washington Post, Dana Milbank, 18 March 2022: The Senate accidentally agreed to move our clocks forward. Blame Putin.

This piece claims that the vote was rushed through so quickly, most of the senators didn’t know if was happening (they were distracted by worrying about Ukraine, is the point of the headline). Rubio and Sinema pulled a fast one.

The Senate approved legislation making daylight saving time year-round. There were no hearings, no discussion, no debate, and no vote. It just happened, because nobody objected — in large part because many senators didn’t even know it was happening.

It took just 14 seconds to approve an order moving Americans’ clocks an hour ahead, permanently. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) rose, requested that S. 623 be “discharged” from the Senate Commerce Committee, which hadn’t approved it, then said: “I ask unanimous consent that the Rubio substitute amendment at the desk be considered and agreed to, the bill as amended be considered read a third time and passed, and that the motions to reconsider be considered made and laid upon the table.”

Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), the presiding officer, was complicit in the scheme. She quickly declared “without objection, so ordered” and then, in her latest breach of decorum, stage-whispered “yes!” into the microphone and pumped two celebratory fists.


In contrast to the above, Republicans, their MAGA followers, and Fox News reflexively blame Biden or the Democrats for everything.

Medium.com, 6 Feb 2022: Fox Report Literally Reverses the Facts

This is about a Fox News report about the “Top Ten Most Unhealthy U.S. Cities” in which the graphic identified, among others, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, San Diego, and Denver. Even, of all places, Irving TX.

The reporter, Dan Bongino, blamed the Democrats. “Let’s look at some major policy areas, right? The economy, healthcare, education, public safety. Where are economies struggling right now? Inner cities run exclusively and monopolistically by garbage Democrat politicians who don’t give a damn about people,” he said.

First of all, Fox labeled Irving TX on its map when their source data said Irvine CA. That’s quite a difference.

Second, the report they made their map from, here, listed those cities as the *healthiest* places to live in the US. Fox got it completely backwards.

Are they so blinkered by ideology they make up their minds to blame Democrats for everything that they misread what the evidence actually says?

Later, Fox removed the graphic but didn’t, by the time of the Medium article, correct their report.



Salon, 16 March 2022: Republicans blame Democrats for crime — but new data shows higher murder rates in red states, subtitled, “Yes, crime is up. But eight of the 10 states with the highest murder rates in 2020 voted for Donald Trump.”


And this:

Slate, 28 March 2022: The Pressure Campaign on Biden, subtitled, “Republicans—and some Democrats—have settled into a convenient posture of insisting the president is always a step short of appropriately assisting Ukraine.”

So *no matter what happens* in Ukraine, Biden will somehow be to blame.


And of course, Biden raised the gas prices. Just ask any truck driver.

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