Some Unpleasant Political/Religious Posts

The haters are doubling down.

Salon, 23 Nov 2022: “OK groomer” back on Twitter: Anti-LGBTQ hate gets even uglier after Colorado Springs, subtitled “Anti-trans conservatives on Elon Musk’s platform respond to Colorado Springs shooting — by ramping up the vitriol”

Media Matters, 21 Nov 2022: Right-wing media continued attacking the LGBTQ community after the mass shooting in Colorado Springs, subtitled “Conservative pundits used the massacre at an LGBTQ nightclub as an excuse to further ‘grooming’ smears”

HuffPost, 23 Nov 2022: Tucker Carlson Segment Torched After Guest’s ‘Grotesque’ Take On Club Q Shooting, subtitled “The Fox News host doubled down on his anti-LGBTQ messaging days after the deadly attack on a gay nightclub in Colorado Springs.”

Salon, Heather Digby Parton, 23 Nov 2022: How gun culture and anti-LGBTQ hate came together in Colorado Springs, subtitled “We don’t know exactly what drove this gunman — but we know what’s making America more dangerous for LGBTQ people”

Joe.My.God, 23 Nov 2022: Jenna Ellis: Club Q Shooter’s Victims Are Now In Hell

AlterNet, 23 Nov 2022: ‘Reaping the consequences of eternal damnation’: Jenna Ellis says Club Q victims are burning in Hell


Are these people contemptible, despicable…? Or just….sad?

The last two about Jenna Ellis are just pitiful. Imagine people so self-absorbed, so presumptuous, so hateful, so unlike… Jesus, that they assume the religion they were born into just happens, out of all the religions of all the cultures on Earth (never mind potential cultures on other planets in this *enormous* universe), to be the one correct one, to the extent that she assumes that anyone not part of her tribe/cult are condemned to Hell, damned forever to her imaginary fire and brimstone. Anyone not of her tribe/religion is barely human, an other, a barbarian.

Sad, yes, despicable, yes. But she and her like vote too.

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