Saturday Updates, and Progress

(These are photos from a late 1980s trip to Vandenberg to see a rocket launch.)

First of all, I spent another hour polishing and expanding yesterday’s post, about 6 short literary novels I read in 5 days last week while having a cold and not having much energy to do much but lie on the sofa and read.

Second of all, I’ve had all these projects I’ve worked on for years, which I’ve discussed many times before. I actually feel lately that I’m making progress toward completing them in the next few weeks. I know I’ve said this before.

As evidence, I’ve posted two new “pages” on this site of photos taken during my Rocketdyne years. The pages are linked in the drop-down menus from About/Personal History/Working at the Rocket Factory for 30 Years.

Here are direct links.

1983 Rocketdyne Open House

Vandenberg and Slick Six

In some cases I’ve scanned individual snapshots, that I took in the ’80s and preserved in photo albums that I organized around 2000, when my SLR camera gave way to digital cameras; and in other cases I have simply *photographed* with my iPhone pages of such album photos without individually scanning them, partly because some are collages of sorts. Unfortunately these latter are not entirely successful, because of the reflection in the photos of the surroundings when I took the photos. See example above; others are worse. I’ll try to correct these somehow.

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