Killers and EvoPsych

Quick post.

We spent all afternoon watching Killers of the Flower Moon — a very good film, worth the 3 1/2 hours — so I only have a moment to post something before dinner.


Washington Post, Joel Achenbach, 20 Jan 2024: Science is revealing why American politics are so intensely polarized, subtitled “Political psychologists say they see tribalism intensifying, fueled by contempt for the other side”

Joel Achenbach has written at least one book that I have (Captured by Aliens, from 1999). Haven’t read this piece yet, but it’s notable for how the whole field of evolutionary psychology and its understanding of tribal forces that rule basic (dare I say, conservative) politics is rising into the common parlance of ordinary journalism, rather than being confined to books only science nerds would read. Something similar has happened with the related field of psychological biases — motivated reasoning and so on — terms once confined to textbooks. Will read the article and comment tomorrow.

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