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Ancient and Modern Morality, Examples

David French and Stephen Breyer on originalism; Short items about how Trump is out of his mind (from Robert Reich), his “blood bath” comments, and his threat to shut down the media; Jamelle Bouie on how the election isn’t about … Continue reading

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Chapter 11, Ethics and Religion The chapter in the book that would most challenge conservatives, or anyone who thinks morality and religion are handed down from on high. Key points in this chapter: On ethics: Author summarizes arguments on both … Continue reading

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The Anthropocene, or Not

Experts have declined to acknowledge “Anthropocene” as an official name for our current geological time; And how to some extent the decision was political, if not in the obvious sense; And wondering why Republicans continue to nominate candidates like Mark … Continue reading

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Link Dump from Recent Days

Catching up on links from the past week, in no particular order. Subjects are: Another take on why people are pessimistic about their economic futures; Trump’s dictatorship: “History shows that autocrats always tell you who they are and what they … Continue reading

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Another Clear, Crisp Day in the Bay Area

A companion to yesterday’s post about politics. Because I’m sure people are as interested in my religious takes as they are in my political takes. (What is the reason religion and politics are never discussed around the dinner table? Because … Continue reading

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Do These People Ever Go Outside and Look Around?

Paul Krugman asks why the Right hates America; Like Mike Johnson, Rick Santorum is skeptical of democracy (when results don’t go his way); Adam Lee on the allure of tribalism. Paul Krugman responds to the Damon Linker piece that I … Continue reading

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Current Events and Religion

Adam Lee on Israel vs. Hamas, with a series of “yes, but”s, and how religion makes peace impossible; Phil Zuckerman calls for the end of Zionism; With my careful comments about the reasons Americans support Israel; Hemant Mehta on how … Continue reading

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Morality and Corruption

How society is becoming more moral, not less; How the press covers politics; Quick takes on the Republican Party as a racket, and the laughable impeachment of the Biden family as “corrupt” by supporters of Trump and his family. OnlySky, … Continue reading

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Freedom, Liberty, and Religion

Liberty and freedom, vs. conformity to religion; More on how some Christians now think Jesus was too “woke”; How Republicans politicians lie, because it works: their “distorted reality insulates right-wing media consumers from contradictions and challenges to their beliefs”; And … Continue reading

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Figuring Out Trump Voters

Two views to explain the loyalty of Trump voters. There was a long NYT op-ed by David Brooks posted a couple days ago and printed in today’s paper, offering an irresistible counter-intuitive thesis. And a response today by a writer … Continue reading

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