Zuckerman on Evangelical Immorality

Phil Zuckerman on The Immorality Of Evangelical Christians In The Age Of Trump.

Donald Trump has proven himself – by the hour – as a cold, heartless lover of lies and hater of humanity.

And 81% of white Evangelicals voted for him.

That’s right: those Americans among us who claim to love Jesus the most, who attend church the most, and read the Bible the most, and pray the most, and claim to be the most loving of God, are largely responsible for making this pock of a man the leader of our country, who is already causing – and will continue to cause — an inordinate amount of flagrant deception, pain, misery, violence, and immorality in our nation and the world.

And to top it all off, these Evangelical Christians have the perpetual gall to take the moral high-ground. They claim that they vote their values. They claim that secular people are immoral. The sanctimony reeks almost as bad as the hypocrisy.


Morality is a very simple thing: it is about alleviating the pain or suffering of sentient beings, helping when one can, not harming others, and treating people the way you yourself would want to be treated. End of story. Given this very simple and obvious explication of morality, we can clearly see Evangelical Christianity for what it really is, at least in its North American, early 21st century incarnation: immoral, uncaring, and blatantly harmful. Let’s consider some obvious examples…

He goes on to discuss banning refugees, healthcare, global warming, and so on.

Oh, well, they do care about fetuses. That’s true. They care about them so much, that everything else – from global warming to a lying, incompetent twitter president, from racism to gun violence, from Native American rights to corporate cronyism – don’t matter at all.

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