Links and Comments: Trump’s anti-intellectualism; ‘religious liberty’

Salon, Conor Lynch: Draining the swamp — of brainpower: Trump’s corrupt administration is fueled by anti-intellectualism. Subtitle: “Trump got elected by attacking ‘elites.’ But he didn’t mean rich people — only those with education and expertise”

Well of course.

Only in a country with a long history of anti-intellectualism, it seems, could a billionaire ignoramus like Donald Trump continue to be seen as a “man of the people.”

(I have to note that Salon seems determined to make its site difficult to read, with pop-up videos that obscure the text of the article.)


Slate: Dahlia Lithwick on A Prayer for the Real Victims. Subtitle: “For Jeff Sessions and the Supreme Court, the battle for Christians’ religious liberty is one of the only fights that matters.”

The battle for “religious liberty” is only about promoting Christianity, to the point of allowing Christians free passes to ignore the law. Because, as I’ve noted before, extremist Christians seem intent on defining themselves as people who cannot get along with anyone unlike themselves.

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