Dan Savage on “Sex Dread” Education

Vox: “Sex dread” education could be on the rise under Trump. Dan Savage is ready to fight it.. Subtitle: Dan Savage on why abstinence-focused education doesn’t work.

Of course. Because conservatives just *know* things to be so, despite evidence.


Alexander Bisley

The Trump administration is moving toward abstinence-only sex education for teens.

Dan Savage

Mmhm. That’s going to be counter-productive. They don’t seem to learn much from research or data.

And a couple days later, I’m struck by this comment by Dan Savage:

One of the things I like to say is that we’re told this lie when we’re children that one day we’re gonna grow up and have sex, when in reality one day we grow up and sex has us.

It can make it hard to talk about, because we’re all implicated and we’re all powerless in the face of our sexual desires and interests. Not in acting on them, we all have the ability to make our own choices and be sure that we’re acting consensually. But powerlessness in the face of desires existing within us. Our sexual interests, whether we’re talking about genders that people are attracted to, or even our kinks and what turns us on, in a way those are all assigned to us whether we like it or not. And that experience is always going to be a little alienating. It makes sex a little difficult for everyone to talk about.

Sex has us. It’s the evolutionary drive.

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