Links and Comments: Alternate Realities

Marjorie Taylor Greene, evangelical minds, selective science, denying the truth.

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Saturday Night Live parodied QAnon cultist, now Republican representative from Georgia, Marjorie Taylor Greene. Several sites; here’s Mashable.

“I love science,” she said. “I’m always talking science. Unless that science is about climate change, coronavirus, space lasers, evolution, the metric system, the rhythm method, breastfeeding, living on Mars, Jesus’ skin color or Santa’s skin color, by the way, which is white.”

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Similarly: The New Yorker: The Wasting of the Evangelical Mind, subtitled, The peculiarities of how American Christianity took shape help explain believers’ vulnerability to conspiratorial thinking and misinformation.

The style of the most popular and influential pastors tend to correlate with shallowness: charisma trumps expertise; scientific authority is often viewed with suspicion.

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And Slate: Stop Trying to Out-Science Transphobes, subtitled, It’s painful to watch people who purport to care about us attempt to dissect us.

The same conservatives who try to deny my rights based on “science” have also denied that cigarettes cause lung cancer, that humans are driving global climate change, and that evolution is real.

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Salon: Donald Trump’s “real” legacy to America: The weaponization of an alternate reality, subtitled, Ted Cruz, Ron Johnson and the entire GOP have learned a dark lesson from their former master: Simply deny the truth.

Americans must stop being lazy and complacent about figuring out the observable truth. They cannot let partisan bias allow their thinking to be hijacked by an alternate reality. Cable news networks and social media platforms must make truth their sole vehicle of communication. Fox News, OAN, Newsmax, Facebook and other entities must take responsibility for promoting truth over fiction, facts over lies and critical observation over conspiracy theories.

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