Lc&Cs: 21Sep21

I’m busy working some substantial books notes, as well as — much more importantly! — working the third phase of the SFADB ranked lists (for novellas). For today though, intending to maintain once a day posts on this blog, here are these.

MSNBC: California’s recall election invoked Republican election fraud hysteria, subtitled, “False narratives of election fraud mean Republicans need to be careful to suppress the votes of Democrats, but not members of their own party.”

My comment: Isn’t it a paradox that the conservatives who are certain America is the greatest nation in the world nevertheless believe the country can’t conduct fair elections? Of course, that’s not exactly what they believe; they self-righteously believe that they are destined to win every election, and if they don’t, *then* the election must be rigged. Still, that means the system isn’t working, right? Why can’t the patriots vote themselves into power, fairly?


Slate: Anti-Vaxxers Only Have Two Historical Reference Points, Apparently, subtitled, “A new twist on Godwin’s law has been born.”

(Godwin’s law is the notion that controversial Internet discussions eventually invoke Hitler and/or the Nazis or the Holocaust.)

This article claims that conservatives have just two go-to points for comparison to covid oppression: the Holocaust, and Rosa Parks.

Yet when it comes to CRT, they don’t want anyone to hear about anyone ever being oppressed.


And from yesterday: Slate: Trump quietly unleashes his mob, subtitled, “Threats and intimidation against government workers and public health officials have dramatically increased”

Trump is still flouting the law and openly condoning the violent insurrection. As Rauchway said, he “finds authority in the mob.” He’s always engaged in lurid rhetoric and has nudged his followers and police to beat protesters and the like. But starting with his calls to “liberate” states that were trying to mitigate the spread of the pandemic, he has been backing insurrectionist and vigilante activity. And his followers are listening.

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