Ls&Cs: Stupidity, Laws, Freedom vs. Death

I had a couple interesting links to post today, but Facebook and the site The Verge, are not cooperating, so I’ll post the link there later.

So a few links from earlier this month, about stupidity vs. enmity, laws that won’t make things go away, and the priority of freedom over death.

Salon, 18 Sep, Amanda Marcotte: Greg Abbott is not ignorant — he’s a liar: Why the difference matters for the future of democracy, subtitled “There is a real danger in ascribing to stupidity what is born from enmity.”

Amanda Marcotte thinks Republicans (like Texas governor Greg Abbott) say dumb things not because they’re dumb, but to outrage liberals and thereby bolster their cred with right-wingers.


AlterNet: Christian nationalists’ end game may not be abortion and Roe v. Wade

It’s simplistic to think that by passing a law to make something illegal, that thing will go away. It won’t. I suspect the real motive of conservatives in these cases is to provide an excuse to punish people they don’t like.


NYT, 6 Sep, Margaret Renkl: The South’s Republicans Talk About Freedom While People Die

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