Links and Comments: Wackadoodle Coronavirus Advice from the Right

Vox: How Trump and his son helped make a Covid-19 conspiracy theorist go viral in a matter of hours.

A quack doctor with claims about alien DNA, belief in demons, that scientists are making a vaccine to stop people from being religious, and how the US government is partly run by lizard people, says masks are worthless and hydroxychloroquine is the cure for the virus. So Trump, who has no moral compass or understanding of the real world, and his son, promotes a video of her on the Capitol steps.

Slate: Caught Lying About Baseball Invite, President Calls Twitter Criticism “Illegal” and Endorses Demon-Sperm Doctor and Social Media Companies Take Down Trump-Shared Viral Video of Coronavirus Conspiracies.

Washington Post reports. “Immanuel says she previously worked as a doctor in Nigeria and also calls herself a ‘Deliverance Minister’ who is ‘God’s battle axe and weapon of war.’ She has given sermons attacking progressive values and promoting conspiracy theories including, in her words, ‘the gay agenda, secular humanism, Illuminati and the demonic new world order.’ Another doctor shown in the video, a noted Trump supporter, called Immanuel a ‘warrior.’ ”

Promoted by Brietbart. Defended, of course, by Fox News (Tucker Carlson …) and Rush Limbaugh (Rush Limbaugh defends COVID-19 conspiracy theorist doctor who believes in alien DNA), who think science and reason are a liberal conspiracy.

Seriously, is the right-wing so clueless about how the world actually works — demons? lizard people? — that they would promote this twaddle? As if there weren’t so many other reasons, here are reasons to dismiss anything said by Trump, his son, Fox News, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh, and all their cohorts, forever. Unless they post retractions and apologies. Which I’m guessing they never do.

A broader subject for later: why are Republicans, and conservatives, unconcerned that the politicians they support are so consistently dimwits (Reagan, the Bushes) or morons (Sarah Palin, Donald Trump)? Can they not tell? Do they not care? (The occasional respectable Republican, like John McCain, never made it to high office.) That is: Is that the best they can do? If the evangelicals need the despicable moron Trump to stay in office indefinitely to ensure that their values — primarily, I gather, their anti-gay, anti-abortion, pro-Christianity — endure via judges on the Supreme Court and in judiciaries on down — then maybe those values aren’t worth preserving.

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