Links and Comments: Kamala Harris

So Biden chose a non-white, non-male Vice Presidential candidate. Cue the Republican misogyny and racism. It’s everywhere.

NY Times: I Hope This Is Not Another Lie About the Republican Party. Subtitle: But it might be lost forever.

I saw the warning signs but ignored them and chose to believe what I wanted to believe: The party wasn’t just a white grievance party; there was still a big tent; the others guys were worse. Many of us in the party saw this dark side and told ourselves it was a recessive gene. We were wrong. It turned out to be the dominant gene.

NY Times: Trump Encourages Racist Conspiracy Theory About Kamala Harris “President Trump said he heard that Ms. Harris, the presumptive Democratic vice-presidential nominee born in California, was not eligible for the ticket, repeating a theory that is rampant among his followers. Constitutional scholars quickly called his words false and irresponsible.”

NY Times: Kamala Harris Crystallizes Trump’s View of Women: They’re ‘Nasty’ or Housewives. “As Ms. Harris joined the Democratic ticket, the president wasted no time calling her ‘nasty’ and praising the ‘suburban housewife’ he says will vote for him. His views are out of step with reality.”

NY Times: Her Voice? Her Name? G.O.P.’s Raw Personal Attacks on Kamala Harris. “‘Radical leftist’ or not progressive enough? In the hours after Ms. Harris’s announcement as Joe Biden’s vice president, the Trump campaign struggled to launch a clear attack on the Biden-Harris ticket.” Quote from the article, stating things very politely:

One right-wing commentator, Dinesh D’Souza, appeared on Fox News to question whether Ms. Harris, the junior senator from California and a child of immigrants from Jamaica and India, could truly claim she was Black. And on Tuesday night, Tucker Carlson, the Fox News host, mispronounced her first name, even growing angry when corrected.

“So what?” he said, when a guest told him it was pronounced “Comma-la.” (Fox News declined to comment on the exchange.)

On Twitter, Eric Trump, one of the president’s sons, favorited a tweet, which was later deleted, that referred to Ms. Harris as a “whorendous pick.”

Republicans, classy as always.

My provisional conclusion about why conservatives, right-wingers, Republicans, whatever set of overlapping Venn circles are appropriate, so often resort to ad hominem attacks is because they know they don’t have a case for their political policies based on any kind of merit. All they can do is scare their cultish base into fearing the opposition.

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