Links and Comments: Religion and Education; Religions around the world; deGrasse Tyson on the history of the universe

ABC News: latest example of how religious groups reject education, because, of course: NYC to Probe Secular Education at Jewish Schools.

There was no science, no geography and no math past multiplication at the ultra-Orthodox Jewish school Chaim Weber attended. And the only reason he ever heard of the American Revolution was when a seventh-grade teacher introduced it as “story time.”

cf. Boko Haram, and any number of Christian colleges who swear fealty to the Bible, that compilation of Iron Age texts, ahead of any later understanding or acceptance of reality.


Fascinating map by Business Insider about how the major religions have spread across the world, over the past millennia:

This animated map shows how religion spread across the world.

Virtually all peoples’ religious convictions are based on where they were born and bred. It’s about culture and tradition; not about reality.


Neil deGrasse Tyson Explains the universe in 8 minutes. (Also via.)

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