Family History


  1. As long promised, I’m posting scans of slides I inherited from father that show family history across the decades from even before I was born; along with photographs of various family artifacts (yearbooks, etc.).
  2. I’ve also summarized family his, as best as I know or recall it, beginning with family trees that reach back into the 19th century, and following my parents and siblings’ moves from one house to the next, up to 1979, when Sue and I stayed in LA and the rest moved to Tennessee.
  3. There’s another section on this site of my personal “memoirs,” which overlap to some extent the family history essays here.

(Still in work, with more photos to post, Oct 2020…)

  • Family Trees [4920 words]
    My branch of the Kelly family derives from the Isle of Man, an island between England and Ireland. My father’s ancestors arrived in northwest Illinois in 1868, and mixed with a Swedish colony (Bishop Hill) already established there. My mother’s ancestors came to the US as early as 1830 from Germany; her line is a mix of French, German, English, and Swiss.
  • Family Timeline [860 words]
    Key dates from the 1850s to 2020 in family history: births, marriages, deaths, home, family trips.
  • Cambridge to Apple Valley (1930s to 1958) [1466 words]
    My parents’ backgrounds in small-town Illinois; living in England while my father in the Air Force (when I was born); returning to the US and settling in the high desert of California.
  • First Apple Valley House (1958) [965 words]
    A rental, cinder-block house in a remote corner of Apple Valley.
  • Second Apple Valley House (to 1962) [1258 words]
    The first house I remember growing up in, that the family owned for another 20 years. Where we lived when my two younger sisters were born.
  • From LA to Illinois and Back Again (1962 to 1978) [7900 words]
    Santa Monica, Reseda, Cambridge, Glen Ellyn, Apple Valley, Sepulveda: houses, family friends, churches, family vacation…

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