Josh Barro

Just became aware of reporter and (Republican, gay) commentator Josh Barro, triggered by news that he’s leaving Business Insider for the New York Times, though it turns out I’d read a piece by him before a few weeks back: There Are Two Americas, And One Is Better Than The Other.

Today came across a series of posts from around the same time (last December) in which he specifically addressed Phil Robertson, and why he doesn’t sweat the “haters”.

This is Why Phil Robertson is Wrong About the Gays
When You Defend Phil Robertson Here’s What You’re Really Defending
Here’s Why I Don’t Sweat the Haters

My inbox is full of “love the sinner, hate the sin” defenses of Robertson’s 2013 remarks. But Robertson doesn’t love gay people. He thinks they’re, well, “full of murder.” His views on gays are hateful, inasmuch as they are full of hate.

As a side note, it’s remarkable how often these things come as a package. Robertson’s sincere doctrinal view about the sinfulness of homosexuality comes packaged with animus toward gays and retrograde views about blacks and non-Christians. It’s almost as though social conservatism is primarily fueled by a desire to protect the privileges of what was once a straight, white Christian in-group, rather than by sincere religious convictions.

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