Hidebound, Unreflecting, Blind

Andrew Sullivan (that gay conservative Catholic author and blogger) has an ongoing thread about Christians who feel persecuted for not approving of same-sex marriage. His blog doesn’t take comments, as this one doesn’t, but he posts substantive responses from email. (As I would.) Such as.

The Christianist Closet? Ctd

But it astonishes me that [Rod] Dreher [of The American Conservative] can’t understand why people would be appalled at anti-equality attitudes. He may think it’s just people adhering to their religious faith, but to people like me (pro-equality), those attitudes exhibit a lack of self reflection and empathy that I find disturbing in otherwise intelligent people.

Look, the biblical commands against homosexuality are a few lines in a book that otherwise talks mostly about the proper way to sacrifice beasts, and yet the Christianists are constantly harping on the topic as if the primary focus of Christian belief is some weird and futile goal to eradicate homosexuality. So no, if a colleague tells me that she’s opposed to same-sex marriage on the basis of her religious beliefs, I’m not going to assume that she’s a bigot, but I am going to think her to be hidebound, unreflecting, and a blind adherent to an ideology that she hasn’t bothered to really try to understand. It’s not enough that there are a few lines in the Old Testament to support systemic social injustice against millions of people.

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