Right Wing paranoia; Conservative propoganda; coming out Smart like coming out Gay

Interesting links the past few days, with comments.

5 Years After Passage Of Hate Crimes Law, Religious Right’s Dire Predictions Still Haven’t Come True

Well, of course not. This is just another example of the Christian Right’s paranoia, and an example of the Jack Smith Rule — psychics’ predictions, and religious fundamentalists’ predictions of the end of the world, the downfall of Western civilization, and so on, not to mention the imminent Second Coming of Christ, keep not coming true again and again.


Better, this week, is this essay on Alternet, and Salon, by Amanda Marcotte: Why Conservatives Opt for Propaganda Over Reality

This in response to a Pew Research study about how relative liberals get their news from NY Times, CNN, NPR, and other sources, while relative conservatives overwhelmingly prefer Faux, er, Fox News. Key quote:

Conservatives are becoming more conservative because of propaganda, whereas liberals are becoming more liberal while staying very much checked into reality.

The article has much detail.

File this under Reality has a liberal bias.


And here is a cute, well-acted video: What if you had to come out SMART the way you come out GAY?

It covers all the cliches that alarmed parents ask their gay kids who come out to them. And it’s not an inappropriate comparison; there are in fact ways in which smart kids have had to hide their status for fear of repercussions, and social disapproval. I’ve been there. Though actually, I had it relatively easy, compared to the many stories.

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