Once Again: Turn Away

Via AZ Lyrics, the last verse [updated per comment below]

Turn, turn away
From the weight of your own words
It’s magic for the devil
And betray the lack of change
Once you have spoken
Turn away

[Update 18feb15: listening to the song again, I think the lyric is “from the weight of your own words”… not “of your own past”, as AZ Lyrics has posted. This actually makes even more sense, and I’ve edited this post accordingly.]

From the weight of your own words: it’s magic, for the devil.

It’s perhaps too easy to interpret pop song lyrics to whatever mindset you currently inhabit — but listening to this song again, and again, I’m thinking of the Brian Williams scandal, and more generally, about how human memory is not reliable, as has been demonstrated in so many ways — how depending on that “weight of your own words” can come back and bite you; “magic for the devil”, so to speak.

Of course, as a blogger with an unknown, likely infinitesimal, readership, I also appreciate the lyrics of the first verse:

Turn, turn away
From the sound of your own voice
Calling no one, just a silence

But I do have a project in mind, following the outline of my provisional conclusions, and once that is done, like anyone writing a book, all you can do once finished is to let it loose, sit back and receive feedback, or not. Turn away.

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