Lying with Phony Graphs

If the anti-abortion anti-Planned Parenthood folks had a case, you’d think they wouldn’t need to lie with transparently inept graphs that misrepresent the actual data. Scroll down on this link to see an actual chart, legitimately scaled, showing the services provided by Planned Parenthood, of which abortions are the least of them, by a factor of 10, in contrast to STI/STD testing, contraception, and cancer screening.

There’s a video of Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards reacting to this graph, which she had not seen before, and despite Dan Savage’s commentary here, she doesn’t respond strongly enough — a 5 second examination of this chart, which shows, at the right side, two data points upside down: the one for abortions, at 327K, above the the one for cancer screenings, at 935K, would indicate that this picture is completely invalid as a chart of actual data.

It’s hard not to think that this is yet another example of the intellectual incompetence of the right.

Vox: Whatever you think of Planned Parenthood, this is a terrible and dishonest chart

As Friendly Atheist comments,

If you’re a pro-life politician who wants to use that information to make Planned Parenthood look evil, what do you do? Easy. You just have to assume your base isn’t intelligent enough to look into the details of whatever you show them. It worked with the recent anti-Planned Parenthood videos, after all.

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