Links and Comments: Marcotte on Trump, and Evangelicals

It’s becoming more and more clear that Trump has no values, no ideals, no standards. He’s only about making deals, and he’s willing to align himself with anyone to make deals, no matter for what, no matter with whom.

Salon, Amanda Marcotte: Yes, it’s really this simple: Donald Trump is a cranky, obsessive racist. Subtitle: “Trump is a simple man driven by a single-minded racist obsession: delegitimizing Barack Obama’s presidency.”

Trump’s obsession with delegitimizing Obama’s legacy predates not just Trump’s own presidency, but Trump’s campaign and even his affiliation with the Republican Party. In the endless chaos of our news cycle, it’s easy to forget, apparently, that Trump, a longtime political independent who often donated to Democrats, became fixated during Obama’s first term on a conspiracy theory holding that Obama wasn’t born in the United States and therefore couldn’t be president. …

Trump has a long history of racism and a long history of floating eugenic theories, repeatedly insisting that he must be a genius because of his supposedly good genesTrump is a stupid man who believes whiteness makes him smarter, and Obama’s actual intelligence upends everything Trump thinks he knows about the world. This induced an obsession that happened to dovetail with the racist anger of a large proportion of white Americans.

My bold emphasis.


Amanda Marcotte again: White Christians are now a minority — but they’re getting more isolated and less tolerant: Subtitle: “Religious homophobia is driving away young people, but evangelical leaders double down on anti-LGBT bigotry.”

This refers to the Nashville Statement of a couple weeks ago, issued by something called the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood, which doubles down on basic evangelical insistence of one man, one woman, only in marriage, sexual activity and gender existence. Because Bible — never mind (this is my take, not Marcotte’s) the autonomy of people in a free country not bound by religious dictates, or what humanity has learned about sexuality and gender and family roles in the thousands of years since Bible.

The irony, Marcotte goes on, is that these folks heavily supported Trump. A recurring theme in these days: the hypocrisy of evangelicals.

The white evangelical support for Trump, coupled with the continued denunciation of LGBT people, makes it clear this is not and never was about morality, sexual or otherwise. Instead, “morality” is a fig leaf for the true agenda of the Christian right, which is asserting a strict social hierarchy based on gender.

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