Ls&Cs: Vaccine Regrets and Horse Paste

Have a backlog of links, of course, with new ones now that Christians in Texas are coming closer to matching the achievement of the Taliban in Afghanistan. But for now, a trend of the past couple weeks: right-wing vaccine deniers who are dying of covid, sometimes with regrets, sometimes with denial to the bitter end.

I suspect no stories like these are appearing on Fox News or its imitators.

Slate: Texan Man Who Organized Anti-Mask Protests Dies of COVID

This one’s about Caleb Wallace.

The Week: The tragedy of deathbed vaccine regrets, subtitled, “Parents, please don’t make your family go through this”

Slate: Marc Bernier Becomes Third Anti-Vax Radio Host to Die of COVID-19

The first two were Phil Valentine, in Nashville, and Dick Farrel, from Florida.

The gay news website Joe.My.God has a long string of these, mocking the victims’ denials — they “died of something” — because anti-vaxxers tend also to be self-righteously anti-gay.

Anti-Vax Right Wing FL Radio Host Dies Of Something

Anti-Gay Anti-Vax CO Pastor Is Sick With Something

Denver Bible Church pastor Bob Enyart.

Anti-Vaxxer Joe Rogan Is Sick With Something

Joe Rogan.

Megachurch Pastor Who Calls Lockdowns “Hitler False Science” Admits Congregation Stricken By Something

In California!

Extremist Anti-Vax QAnon Leader Dies Of Something

Pastor Of “Don’t Worry About COVID” Church Dies Of Something Despite Fasting, Prayers By Congregation

They go on.


And now the anti-vaxxers are taking horse paste as a cure. You can’t make this stuff up.

Oklahoma ERs Overwhelmed With Horse Paste ODs

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