Addendum to Yesterday; Daily Dressing

Two items today.

First, I added a few paragraphs to my philosophical speculations at the end of yesterday’s post.

Second, another life hack post (following the one yesterday about phone call etiquette).

Slate, Fortesa Latifi, 7 Jan 2024: Wear the Same Thing Most Days, subtitled “Am I ‘well dressed’? Maybe not. Am I comfortable? You bet!”

Well, we know that some people, like Mark Zuckerberg, seem to literally wear the same thing every day. The writer here confuses her thesis by admitting she doesn’t do that, she has “five items on rotation”. OK. But don’t most of us wear a wardrobe of fairly similar items, week after week? I tend to wear casual slacks and a cotton shirt on weekdays, much as if I were going to work (I made this decision deliberately a decade ago after being laid off, to avoid the cliche of spending one’s day in a robe), and corduroy pants and flannel shirts on weekends, depending on the temperature. But I have only a few pairs of slacks and pants and only a dozen or so shirts. They all get washed over and over week after week.

The article doesn’t address another issue about daily dressing, one I think I’ve mentioned before. I don’t wear *different* pants and shirts every day. I’m home most every day, not going out regularly in public; even on our daily walks, I only sometimes sweat enough to warrant wearing a different shirt the next day. So some weeks I wear the same pants all week. They don’t get dirty; why not? And sometimes the same shirt, for two or three days running.

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