Mirror Realities

Can’t resist another round of political links this afternoon, about the Alice in Wonderland, mirror-universe that conservatives and Trump-supporters apparently live in. In which they, and those of us living in the real objective world, believe the other is the purveyor of crime and evil. While, to anyone with half a wit of sense, …. well, you can finish. It’s obvious. Let’s start with this objective reporting of an event.

NY Times, 28 Mar 2024: Trump, Attending Wake of Slain N.Y.P.D. Officer, Pushes Campaign Message on Crime, subtitled “Mr. Trump called the officer’s death a horrible tragedy and, as he often does on the trail, broadly called for a crackdown on violent crime without mentioning specific policies.”

As hundreds of police officers and family members stood outside a Long Island funeral home, former President Donald J. Trump attended on Thursday the wake of a New York City police officer who was killed in the line of duty days earlier.

Then, Mr. Trump, who is facing four criminal cases, including one in Manhattan that is going to trial in less than three weeks, stood in front of more than a dozen police officers and proclaimed the need for the country to “get back to law and order.”

The obvious reaction of many: let’s start with you, Donald.


I’ve collected a whole bunch of links over the past two days, some about this Trump event, and some about the fallout from the Baltimore bridge disaster. Too many to detail. So here are some headlines, with my brief comments in parens.

Well, this is a compact way to posting a bunch of links, but it looks rather ugly. So at least I will add the sources, in bold, at the head of each bullet…. Better? A bit. Note that JMG, Joe.My.God, is essentially an aggregate site, each of its posts is drawn from another source.

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