The Human Impact on Earth; About Book Culling

A nice Slate photo gallery, a couple days ago, which is not unrelated to the issue of the Sixth Extinction:

Gorgeous, Stunning Satellite Images of the Human Impact on Earth.

I especially recommend watching the video linked at the end, about how astronauts, from Apollo to the Space Station, have had their perspectives expanded by seeing the Earth from space.

Personal angle: I was certain I had a copy of the the book by Frank White alluded to, The Overview Effect, somewhere in my stacks. But I have not been able to find it, even after reorganizing my garage last Friday to sort all the books that haven’t been able to fit into our current house. I’m sure I did have a copy, but I suspect I must have culled it in one of my periodic library reductions. Again and again, I have learned, whenever I cull my collection and dispose of books I think I will never need to see again — something always turns up, something I realize retroactively I am desperate to look at. (I am tempted now to order an expensive copy of The Overview Effect via any number of websites, because I now realize its theme informs my grand provisional narratives…)

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