Personal History: The Radio at Sunset

I am spending time again exploring my early family history, and my early personal history, as I started about two years ago, before my partner and I began the lengthy process of packing up in SoCal, moving to a new home, and unpacking, and settling, here in Oakland. The last part was here, but more pertinent is part 2, about living in Apple Valley.

Here is one of my earliest memories, from when I was less than 10. In Apple Valley, in the early ’60s, there was one local radio station, KAVR. Every evening, at sunset, they would close their broadcast by playing a recording of the Lord’s Prayer, sung in a magnificent baritone. Today, via Google and YouTube, I have found what that recording must have been: an iconic recording by one John Charles Thomas.

While the sun sets, as the afternoon winds die down, over the desert landscape.

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