Not Pixel

Not Pixel:

Back on August 23, at the end of the post, I noted that we’d seen a neighborhood cat that looked a lot like a stray cat that we kept for a year or so and named Pixel. Pixel escaped the house in fall 2019 and we never saw him again. We saw that neighborhood cat again today, for the first time since the first sighting, and became sure it was *not* Pixel, on two grounds. First, the black and white coloring does match. Pixel’s belly and throat were almost entirely white. More significantly, the neighborhood we saw again today is *much* more affectionate that Pixel ever was. Pixel got along with our other cats, but would barely let humans touch him. The neighborhood cat let us scratch his head, then lay on the ground and rolled over, meowing up at us in the most trusting of cat ways. He barely held still long enough for me to get a couple photos, before wandering off.


Not Pixel:


I got both the bivalent covid booster, and the annual flu shot, today.

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