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More Thinking about Women and Men

To follow up on yesterday’s post, two items today.

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Proper Ways of Thinking: Women Without Men

NYT, Pamela Paul, 21 June 2022: She Wrote a Dystopian Novel. What Happened Next Was Pretty Dystopian.

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LQCs: “Born This Way” Doesn’t Matter

Here’s an article that makes good points about the changing demographics of gays and lesbians and transgenders, but for me misses the key reason that the “born this way” argument is irrelevant. Salon, Julia Serano, 17 Jun 2022: It’s time … Continue reading

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LQCs: Trek v. Handmaids

There’s a graphic meme going around on Facebook — no, of *course* I can’t find it now, or a link to it — that compares America’s possible future as being Star Trek’s or The Handmaid’s Tale‘s. The former’s vision of … Continue reading

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Home is the place where, when you have to go there, They have to take you in. Robert Frost

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Epistemology: What Does Anyone Actually “Know”?

Slate, Ben Mathis-Lilley, 10 Jun 2022: Does Donald Trump Really “Know” Anything?.

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Aesthetics: Color Theory: 60:30:10

Here’s another item I saw just recently, which shares with the previous post how a design principle can be crystalized in numbers. Via Boing Boing, Devin Nealy, 31 May 2022: The 60-30-10 percent rule of color

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Aesthetics: The Starship Enterprise

I was quite struck some years ago, 2014 it must have been, by an analysis of the design of the original starship Enterprise that showed how it relied heavily on the “Golden Ratio,” the artistic proportion of 1.618. And how … Continue reading

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Day Off; Two Links

Feeling a bit under the weather today — temperature up about a degree, and sleepy — so I’ll just post a couple links without comment.

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LQCs: Law & Order, Prayer

Who exactly is for law and order? And who thinks prayer really works, and why?

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